Please be advised that an ostrich is now outside of the zoo’s walls. Please do not approach or try to hunt. They can be highly aggressive and will be attracted to plant-based food as well as the smell of cooking meat.

Written by Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director – November 30, 2024

If Tatyana couldn’t have the beef shank meant for her, at least Shredder got to eat. I’m sorry about the broken windows and the door.

Respectfully, Matthew Robins

Matthew Robins, Summer 2024 Intern 11/30/24

I thought you were leaving.

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 11/30/24

Rose, the YMCA here has set up Internet for us. How are you?

Lily Hanson 12/01/24

Mom? You’re alive? Where are you? Which YMCA?

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 12/01/24

Oh, just the YMCA in town. The nice young secretary taught me how to use Skype! Very respectful. He knew what he was talking about. There are only a few of us here, so I can use the computer whenever I want. Well, whenever they turn on the generator, every couple of days or so. I tried to call you!

Lily Hanson 12/01/24

Okay, call me on Skype @RoseHanson22 as soon as you can. The phones have been down since near the beginning. I’ll be heading your way soon. I have to take care of something first.

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 12/01/24

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