Our zoo contains two kinds of leopards! Samat is a Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) which means he comes from Central Asia. Snow leopards are considered endangered and like to keep to themselves, except during breeding season! When it comes to food, these big cats will eat anything they come across in the vast, snowy lands where they live! Snow leopards will often mark their territory by clawing at trees or even urinating! Watch out when you pass Samat’s enclosure or he may urinate on you too!

Tatyana is an Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) which means she comes from Far South and East Russia. Tatyana and her kin are critically endangered! Very few still live in Russia, which is why Niabi is so lucky to have Tatyana here in the Quad Cities! Amur leopards like to hunt at night, especially deer and boar, which is a kind of pig! Tatyana likes bacon just like you!

Samat and Tatyana live just next door to each other and can often be seen stalking the fences and making noises at one another!

Written by Jeffrey Holmes, MFA

My son loves these quick facts! He’s going to come see Samat this weekend!

Mary Williams 06/01/24

Keep up the good work, Jeff!

Tamara Ash 06/01/24

This is just as good as your other published pieces.

Brian Vincent 06/02/24