Regarding the recent outbreaks in the area, I implore Ahanu visitors to remain calm. The so-called infection is still being studied. It has not yet been named. Remember to follow the local warnings about hand-washing and keeping children away from domestic animals, such as cats and dogs. Here at Ahanu, our animals come from zoological institutions all over the world, but they do not come in direct contact with humans. The infection has only been known to pass from animals to humans. Our employees do not handle most of our animals by hand. And, thanks to annual vaccinations and checkups for our employees, our staff remains healthy.

Written by Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director – June 7, 2024

The government wants us to believe it’s animals, but this disease has actually been in our food this WHOLE TIME.

undergroundddddd 06/07/24

Are ya’ll still open on Saturday? My kid has his birthday.

Mason Durn 06/07/24

Yes, we are open Saturday for our regular hours.

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 06/07/24

What about the petting zoo?

Cindy Thompson 06/07/24

Yes, the petting zoo will also be open during our regular hours.

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 06/07/24

Rose, can you call me back?

Lily Hanson 06/08/24

Just as soon as I have time.

Dr. Rose Hanson-Holmes, Director 06/11/24

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